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Automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries since 2009 by embracing emerging technologies & developments include those of connecting cars, infotainment, autonomous cars etc.  

However, automotive OEMs & suppliers are being challenged for low CO2 & improved air quality objective applications of ICE powertrains, through different legislations & regulations.  These objectives led automotive industry to shift focus on manufacturing low CO2 emission vehicle, and Hybrid (HEV) & Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).

Also industry re-focused on engineering concepts and technologies in different domains like high strength & lightweight materials (e.g. Al structures), high energy & power density HV batteries, efficient propulsion systems, embedded systems, power electronics etc. with supporting business systems to create the right value & experience for customers.

However with the challenging objectives & Global competitiveness, automotive industry required highly skilled engineers & manpower to embrace the technological challenges & support the programmes across life cycles, to launch the vehicles on time into the markets.

What FELIX consultants can do

We offer a breadth of services to automotive OEMs and Suppliers by deploying highly skilled & experienced engineers & analysts onsite. And executing the projects at our offices by skilled engineers & analysts.


Felix consultants has skills & experience in different domains and competencies, such as:

  • Body Engineering (Interior & Exterior)
  • Body CAE (Structural & Crash)
  • Powertrain Engineering (Cooling systems, Transmission & Driveline)
  • Powertrain CAE
  • 1D & 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
  • Noise Vibration & Harmonics (NVH)
  • Battery, Motors & Power Electronics Thermal Management
  • Projects integration & management.